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If you love someone older than you, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, age is only a number. North Carolina clearly feels the same way when it comes to dating preferences.

There are many ways to judge a potential partner. The role of age in this decision-making process is very small for many Americans. However, others have a preferred dating age range they take very seriously. The romance experts at Shane Co. know love can be found in many forms so they posed the question – What’s the average dating range? See where North Carolina ranks below along with additional states.

  • States That Date 1-5 Years Older

    1. Missouri

    2. Arkansas

    3. Massachusetts

    4. Nebraska

    5. Alabama

    6.North Carolina

    7. Ohio

    8. Texas

    9. Colorado

    10. Idaho

  • Dating Age Range Insights

    Dating Age Range Insights

  • Dating Age Ranges Overall

    Dating Age Ranges Overall

  • Would you Rather Meet Someone Online or in Person?

    Would you Rather Meet Someone Online or in Person?

  • Generational & Gender Age Preferences

    Generational & Gender Age Preferences

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