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This Is The Best (And Scariest!) Haunted House Or Attraction In South Carolina

Looking for the best of the best when it comes to haunted attractions this Halloween? There are seemingly endless haunted houses, mazes, trails, hayrides, etc. But if you want to be truly terrified where do you go? According to Parade Magazine, it's Dark Castle in Elgin, SC. The publication recently released a list of the best haunted attraction in each state and Dark Castle took the title for South Carolina. Originally just The Dark Knight’s Terror Trail, Dark Castle is now a full-scope haunted attraction that the trail is a part of. The Dark Knight's Terror Trail is a 30-minute fully guided outdoor haunted trail through the woods. There is also Dungeon of Darkness an indoor haunted house experience. Or use a laser gun to clear out zombies from the woods while searching for a special item at the Zombie Zone. There are midway attractions including a break room (rage room), and an escape room. Your $25 ticket gets you into all three haunted attractions. The break room and escape room as an extra cost. Elgin South Carolina is outside of Columbia about an hour and a half drive from Charlotte. Dark Castle is open select nights from Friday, September 29th through Saturday, November 4th. The break room is open year-round as well as other games such as laser tag and among us. The property also hosts other events throughout the year like Zombie Valentine, Camp Terror, and the Kraken Cup. Parade isn't the only publication raving about Dark Castle either. They've received numerous recognition by Scare Factor and Haunt Junkies. Find out more about the best haunted attraction in South Carolina here! That is if you dare! I may sit this one out so tell me how it is! Happy Haunting season. [select-listicle listicle_id="453889" syndication_name="6-of-the-best-haunted-attractions-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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