This past week I visited Beem Light Sauna in Huntersville, North Carolina. Since I’d never tried light therapy before, my experience at Beem Light Sauna was completely new to me. My shoulder and back have been bothering me a lot lately, and I read that light therapy and chromotherapy can help with soreness. Beem is an infrared sauna studio in Birkdale Village that uses light to relax you for a healthier you.

What is Light Therapy?

Different wavelengths and lights are available for different types of light therapy. There are many wavelengths of light, including red, blue, purple, amber, and green light, which do not contain UV rays that are easily absorbed by the skin. Red light therapy does not cause tanning or burning of the skin. Instead of affecting the surface of the skin, its effects occur at the cellular level.

  • Light/Red light therapy has been proven to treat or improve the following:

    • Helps to remove Toxins and reduce Stress
    • Ignite Metabolism
    • Relieve Pain
    • Boost Immunity
    • Lessen Inflammation
    • Boost Your Mood
    • Tissue regeneration
    • Skin conditions
    • Enhance athletic performance
    • Increase circulation
  • My Experience

    During my visit, I met Lumi, who explained what infrared light therapy, sauna, and chromotherapy are. Taking a quick quiz, I discovered that red would be the best color for me to use during my 40-minute session. My private Sauna Beem light session room was brought to me after I had completed my quiz. I thought it was so cute. You could change your Chromotherapy light, get towels, and use a tablet with music and Netflix.

    As I sweated out all my toxins during my session, I watched part of Miss Congeniality 2. In the sauna, the temperature was around 137 degrees, which really relaxed my mussels. Overall, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated after my session. Upon exiting, there was a cold peppermint towel and makeup remover waiting for me. Since you sweat a lot, I wish I had brought more water with me. I felt like this really helped me take care of myself. In the video below, you can learn more about my experience at Beem.

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