That’s a big spider! A home in East Aurora, New York has gone viral for the amazing spider Halloween decorations.

David Moomaw and his family own the house that has now attracted so much attention. Moomaw is a retired toy engineer who used to work for Fisher-Price. His background in toys helped him come up with this idea and design it. He built the spider in May and knew it would bring smiles to lots of folks for Halloween. Moomaw had no idea that he would get so much attention though!

Because so many people want to check out the house, the owners of the home have to actually schedule times for people to come to visit. Video of the wild Halloween scene has been viewed over 30,000 times. There are two videos: one during the day so you can see all the details, and one at night which shows how freaky it really is. Check out both below. Serious creepy creativity!

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