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Demi Lovato celebrated 6 months of sobriety this weekend! 

Six months ago, Demi Lovato had a near-fatal experience when she overdosed in her Hollywood Hills home. She was found by friends, unconscious, and they revived her with a can of Narcan that they had “just in case”. Narcan is an emergency drug that can reverse narcotics overdoses. It’s usually used by emergency personnel to revive overdose victims.


She’s received words of encouragement from Lovatics, which is her fandom, and many other stars showing their support. Demi has been open about her drug addictions in the past. She’s constantly trying to improve herself for her fans, friends, and family. Though this time, she’s not as open about it. She wants to share her experience with fans, but on her own time. She shared a string of tweets, saying she doesn’t owe anyone anything and that she’ll tell her story on her own time.


We hope you continue to better yourself Demi, and congratulations on 6 months sobriety!


-Intern Sydney-