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What would we do without Thor!?

Ten years ago, Chris Hemsworth almost quit acting and we are just finding out about this.

A lot of you may know this hunk as Thor.

There was a time when he almost made a decision that would have meant he would not have played the iconic Marvel role. We all have one question…WHY!? In a new interview, Chris just revealed that he seriously thought about quitting acting once.

After his 2009 role in “Star Trek” he was ready to pack up and move back to Australia. Why didn’t he? It was the idea of helping his parents pay off their house that kept him going. He notes, “I’d asked Dad once when he thought he’d play it off and he said, “Honestly, probably never.”

That ignited a new goal in Hemsworth and after that, he started getting super active about auditioning. After his 2012 role in “The Cabin in the Woods,” it was history.

We are so glad you didn’t quit, Chris!

Check out his full interview with Men’s Health here.