Have you ever wondered how a town or city got its name? I had to explain to an out-of-town co-worker why Charlotte is called the Queen City and how that relates to the name Charlotte. I also feel like my dream job is being one of the people who name nail polish colors. Those are always hilarious puns. Or even the person who names the new streets. But with naming anyone or anything comes an amount of responsibility. A responsibility to not get it wrong. These towns, they may just have. That’s because they regretfully made the list of the most what were they thinking towns in South Carolina.

This is strictly by the names and not reflective of anything residents may or may not do. The list actually comes from Thrillest who highlight the most lewd town names in each state. But they went further to inform us of some of the other towns that also fit the category. And in South Carolina, there only 4 slightly inappropriately named towns. North Carolina, had 18. New York, West Virginia, and Minnesota were among the states that had more.

You’ll have to take your mind back to about 3rd or 4th grade if you want to truly appreciate this list. More specifically a 3rd or 4th grade boy. Some of the most head-scratching names from across the country are:

  • Cooter, Missouri
  • Weiner, Arkansas
  • Pee Pee Township, Ohio
  • Boody, Illinois
  • Butternuts, New York

But this is just a small sampling of the what were you thinking names. Most of these are small unincorporated areas and towns, but there are a few larger cities and places you actually may have heard of. So keep reading to see the interesting and slightly lewd towns by name in South Carolina. Or you can learn more about towns across the country and read the full Thrillist list here.

  • Fingerville

    Female fingers walking with footsteps behind them

    There were no other options? You couldn’t come up with anything other than Fingerville for this Census-designated place in Spartanburg County? Heck change one letter and call it Gingerville.

  • Ninety Six


    Who names a place after a number? And Ninety Six at that? The town of Greenwood County had a population of around 2,000 at the last census. And the town is large enough that it has its own website

  • Sugar Tit

    Close-up of spoon with sugar on the black table

    Thrillist says this one is the worst, and I have to agree. This sounds like a nickname a creepy old man would give a girl. Not the name of a town in South Carolina that considers itself the “the sweetest town in South Carolina”. Learn more about Sugar Tit here

  • Thicketty


    Were there a lot of thickets in Thicketty? It’s in Cherokee County, South Carolina, and there is a lake, forest, and fort that bears the same name.

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