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A rotten avocado on a white background. The overripe avocado is cut in half. The core is in the fruit.

Some of the worst food trends in the last year were released recently and yeah, they’re pretty gross.  I love trying new foods.  Not that long ago people were sticking their noses up at avocado toast.  That’s still a delicious breakfast option at our house a couple of times a month.  Charcuterie boards of delicious meats and cheeses have also become a restaurant favorite.  It also seems like every restaurant serves some form of a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.  Regardless, I’m here for all of it.  But what about the worst current food inventions?  Like “Healthy Coke”, “Grated egg avocado toast”, or “Butter Boards”?  To me, there’s no way these are very appetizing.  Watch people try them in the video below, and read more about the best and worst food trends here!