YORK, ENGLAND - MAY 21: Puppies play fight in the grass on the first day of the Festival of Dogs weekend at Castle Howard on May 21, 2022 in York, England. The two-day festival held on the grounds of the North Yorkshire stately home celebrates all aspects of dogs and dog ownership. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

I love my dog and two cats.  My dog Zoe likes to lick the glass of our back patio door and basically everything else.  Not to mention her paws smell like corn chips no matter how many baths we give her.  What causes that?  The cats cry wolf often and have lately been waking my wife and me up about 45 minutes before the first alarm goes off.  As annoying as they all are, we love them so much because they’re all cute and fluffy.   I wonder if this guy who fell on his face while trying to wrangle puppies feels the same way.

A man in Washington state was dog-sitting 10-week-old Rottweiler puppies.  The challenge for him was to escape the puppy pen before they did.  After several failed attempts, it looked like he was finally going to make it out without the chance of a puppy escaping.  As he was running towards the gate he stumbled and faceplanted HARD.  Luckily puppy kisses make everything feel better because that’s exactly what he got.  Check out the video below!

  • Puppy Problems

    Ouch.  Hyper puppies can be pretty annoying, but so can cats that just continue to meow or yell at you outside of your window.  This happened to a popular YouTube musician.  His channel is called The Kiffness.  One day his neighbor’s cat showed up outside of his back door and just started yelling at him.  Him being a musician he took matters into his own hands and recorded the cat, put some reverb on the cat’s noises, and turned it into a song.  To be honest, it’s actually pretty catchy.

  • A Cat Collaboration

    I’m just waiting for this to hit Tik Tok.

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