It’s wedding season. Actually it seems like every moment is wedding season with the industry still trying to rebound and make up for all the postponements during 2020 and beyond. And with venues booked for years, and even just due to personal preference many people are choosing to get married outdoors. If you can be blessed with good weather this can be a wonderful choice. But maybe not everywhere. In fact, one North Carolina city recently made the list of the worst places for outdoor weddings.

For those considering planning a wedding under the sun or stars Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Outdoor Weddings. They looked at over 190 cities and compared the number of outdoor wedding venues, the average size of yards, and access to various wedding services like caterers, bridal and tuxedo shops, cake bakers, plus many more. Each city was assigned a ranking in the following categories:

  • Outdoor venue access
  • Professional services access
  • Outdoor venue affordability
  • Outdoor venue quality

Check out the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities including one North Carolina city near the bottom for outdoor weddings below.

Surprising findings:

It’s to surprise that California and Florida dominate the Top 10. Both states have plenty of sunshine and are also popular destinations for waterfront weddings. In fact, the Golden and Sunshine states’ cities make up 31 of our top 50.

Other places in the south struggle in the rankings as they can get hot, humid, and rainy. Oh, and you know hurricane season. You’ll have to read on to find out the worst of the NC cities, but how did some others do?



  • 96 Cary, NC

    Highest score in access to professional services

  • 129 Charlotte,NC

    Highest score in venue quality

  • 125 Raleigh, NC

    Highest score in venue quality

  • 161 Greensboro, NC

    Highest score in venue access

  • 169 Durham, NC

    Highest score venue access

  • 175 Fayetteville, NC

    Highest score venue access

  • 2022 Worst Cities For Outdoor Weddings

  • 191 Memphis, TN

  • 190 Killeen, TX

  • 189 Augusta, GA

  • 188 Mobile, AL

  • 187 Birmingham, AL

  • 186 Little Rock, AR

  • 185 Jackson, MS

  • 184 Pasadena, TX

  • 183 Winston-Salem, NC

  • 2022's Best Cities For Outdoor Weddings

  • 1 Garden Grove, CA

  • 2 Orange, CA

  • 3 Glendale, CA

  • 4 Fullerton, CA

  • 5 Metairie, LA

  • 6 Jersey City, NJ

  • 7 Chula Vista, CA

  • 8 Huntington Beach, CA

  • 9 Tempe, AZ

  • 10 Santa Ana, CA

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