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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 03: Tyra Banks attends the 2020 Breakthrough Prize Red Carpet at NASA Ames Research Center on November 03, 2019 in Mountain View, California.

There’s no doubt that when Tyra Banks launched America’s Next Top Model in 2003, young women from all around the world jumped at the idea to work with the supermodel and to be a part of a show that could kickstart their career. Since then, the show has gotten backlash from viewers over problematic photoshoots and the treatment from the judges, specifically Tyra herself.

To be fair, Tyra has publicly apologized for her wrongdoings and has admitted that she too is embarrassed by what happened during the show.

Take a look (if you dare) at these oh so cringy moments from seasons past:


  • 1. Tyra Loses It On Tiffany, Cycle 4

    Tyra’s infamous, “I was rooting for you, We were all rooting for you, How dare you?” line to Tiffany before she sent her home made for a decent meme, but when you look back you can’t help but wonder, (why is Tyra so upset at the fact that this girl is not crying?). This moment definitely passes the cringy moment test. Watch the incident at (4:30).

  • 2. Got Milk Different Races Challenge, Cycle 4

    Before you ask, yes this was an actual challenge. Tyra tasked the models to portray different ethnicities in the “Got Milk?” challenge in Cycle 4. For many of the 11 models, it meant that they would undergo wearing blackface or brownface in order to get the look they needed for the challenge. Many viewers also pointed out that there was an “African” ethnicity yet white ethnicities such as Swedish and Scandanavian were portrayed separately. You can see how this, too, did not age well.

  • 3. Kahlen Rondot Casket Photoshoot, Cycle 8

    On the outside, this doesn’t look like it could be a cringey photoshoot but indeed it was. Kathlen, one of the contestants on Cycle 8, learned that one of her close friends from high school recently died in a car crash and then later had to pose in a casket in an eight-foot-deep grave.  The theme of this photoshoot was 8 deadly sins and unfortunately made a traumatic experience for the contestant and viewers at home.

  • 4. Angela's Disqualification, Cycle 17

    Angela’s disqualification was unique because all of it happened behind-the-scenes. Angela, one of the three finalists of cycle 17, was disqualified for “unspecified reasons” according to production. In 2014, Angela revealed that she was the actual winner of the season and was stripped of her title due to being an escort briefly which she allegedly told producers prior to filming per Society 19. Check out her interview with Daily Mail below where she explains the alleged wrongdoings from production:

  • 5. Models Got Hypothermia, Cycle 7

    Yes, you read the title right, models actually did get hypothermia on the set of ANTM. The final four had to pose in a freezing pool for a photoshoot and contestant Caridee had to finish the shoot early as she got hypothermia. Caridee did end up winning the season…

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