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LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 11: Minions attend the World Premiere of "Minions" at Odeon Leicester Square on June 11, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Whether it’s the acting, the script, or the story, you know those films that you just can’t STAND? A Reddit thread had people sharing all the worst movies they had seen. You know? The ones that you hate so much that you deem them unwatchable?

Usually, for me, it’s the script that I can’t stand. Sometimes a script is just so corny that it’s not even ironically funny. Corny scripts can also get boring when there’s no originality.

One user on Reddit u/mightyTheowl started a thread after asking “What movie did you hate as you were watching it and couldn’t wait for it to be over?”

Here are 13 movies that Reddit users say are unwatchable. I don’t agree with a lot of these actually. Let me know which ones you agree and disagree with at [email protected].

See the whole list at BuzzFeed.

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  • 1. Toy Story 4

    User redchris said, “The last Toy Story movie was so, so, so awful. Forky was the worst. It was so unnecessary and ruined a perfect ending with the previous movie.”

  • 2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    User u/dan1101 said, “The Last Jedi for me. I was able to at least turn my brain off and enjoy Rise of Skywalker in a Fast and Furious sort of way. But TLJ was openly offensive to my brain and my heart.”

  • 3. Mamma Mia!

    User u/saltinstiens_monster said, “I didn’t think I hated musicals. I didn’t think I hated ABBA. I’m not sure anymore, because that movie took a part of my soul as it left my body out of boredom.”

  • 4. The Revenant

    User nastylight12 said, “The Revenant! The movie where Leonardo DiCaprio got mauled by a bear and got left to die…and then just wouldn’t die! The movie just kept dragging out longer and longer as he kept escaping death and by two-thirds of the movie, I was like, ‘Why is this movie not over yet? Just die already! Why won’t you die?'”

  • 5. Superbad

    User bellavee says, “I would like to add Superbad. I started watching it, but it was the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I had to turn it off within like 20 minutes because it was so boring.”

  • 6. Interstellar

    User RuyiJade says, “Interstellar — I wanted to like it so much. But it was just so frustrating. Just peak after peak of cinema-induced anxiety and frustration.”

  • 7. Bird Box

    User MetallicVillain said, “Bird Box. Everyone was telling me how good it was, especially since I like horror movies. I had the plot, the twist, and ending figured out in like 10 minutes or so. I didn’t enjoy it at all, and seemed like it was six hours long.”

  • 8. The Mummy

    User u/MrBrendan501 said, “Tom Cruise’s The Mummy. I love Tom Cruise, but holy sh*t that was a stinker.”

  • 9. Bad Moms

    User moncul says, “Bad Moms was the worst movie I’ve seen in decades. I nearly lost it when they made a sequel.”

  • 10. Minions

    User foggy_baybeard said, “Minions. The perfect definition of ‘too much of a good thing.’ They were fun in the first movie, when in moderation, but goddamn, just too much.”

  • 11. Booksmart

    User lexiecorvin said, “Booksmart. Overhyped. Couldn’t wait for it to end. My sister is no longer allowed to pick movies.”

  • 12. Anchorman

    User u/LewisEFurr said, “Anchorman. Still as unfunny today as it was then. Now I ask myself, ‘Why would I sit through a movie I don’t like?’ I don’t care if I paid for it — I’ll just leave now.”

  • 13. Breaking Dawn: Part 2

    User Dutchie89 said, “As Europeans watching this movie in an American theatre, I was baffled by the terrible accents used… That’s honestly all I can remember from that movie.
    It was so over the top, and it quite annoyed me.”

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