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If You Got Engaged And Didn’t Get Married, What Did You Spend The Wedding Ring Money On? Download

Download June 26th, 2017

There’s a silver lining to every bad situation, right? While this certainly doesn’t happen to everyone, wedding rings can go for a lot of money.

Imagine it: you’ve just broken off your engagement for whatever reason, and all of a sudden a super-expensive ring has fallen back into your lap… so what do you do with it? If you chose to sell it, you probably made off like a bandit. After hearing a story about a couple who went to small claims court to see who would get to keep an engagement ring following a divorce, we reached out to our listeners to see if any of them would have any stories and to find out what they did with the money if they got it! One caller, an attorney, took a different route by telling us the reason why the couple from the story ended up the way it did. Then, we heard from a listener who proposed and sadly got turned down but ended up using the money to take a vacation to Panama with his best man. Not a bad ending to that story!

Did you ever get some money by selling your engagement ring after things went sour? What did you spend it on? Share your stories with us @TheMRLshow

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