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South Carolina Woman Pulled Over For DUI Discovers She Has Brain Tumor

Rarely does something good-much less miraculous-come from police pulling you over for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  However, miraculous or life-saving is the best way to describe what recently happened to Tamara Palmer of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The police camera video below tells the story, and it starts as most DUI stops do.  On December 2, Tamara Palmer was weaving.  Her driving was erratic at best.  So, she gets pulled over.  When asked if she's had anything to drink?  She answers two teas.  Does she take medication?  Yes, but for legit medical reasons. The police officers who pulled her over could have just chalked it up to exhaustion and let her go.  I mean, Tamara Palmer was NOT driving under the influence.  I would wager that most of the time that's exactly what would have happened.  Not this time. https://youtu.be/kpc7FaXEBBg No, these officers had a feeling something wasn't right.  Tamara Palmer kept referring to having a headache.  So, the officers called for ambulance backup and would not let Tamara back behind the wheel.  This decision turned out to be a life-saving one. According to MSN.com, on On February 19, 2023, Tamara Palmer reached out to the Mount Pleasant Police Department for a follow up.  And it was no doubt the "wow" moment of the week.  Palmer related that once examined at the hospital (after the traffic stop), doctors discovered she had a brain tumor.  IMMEDIATELY she was taken into surgery.  Following the eight-hour operation, she's doing GREAT!  Palmer just wanted the department to know how grateful she is for the officers who saved her life with their quick and proper assessment of the situation. So many bad stories of the police and the decisions they make are page one stories.  This is one we had to search for, but needed to be told.  Good for Tamara Palmer and good for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. [select-listicle listicle_id="350869" syndication_name="9-islands-within-driving-distance-of-north-carolina" description="yes"] [ss-signup design_id="1843474"]

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