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Here’s The Chances That Charlotte Sees Snow This Winter

Is there a chance Charlotte could see snow this winter? That's the question I know I'm asking. I'm essentially a 5-year-old when it comes to snow. I love it! I'll be camped out watching The Weather Channel drinking hot chocolate just waiting for those flakes to fall. It seems like, at least in South Charlotte where I am, that we went years without any decent snowfall. I don't want flurries. I want a good 4-5 inches covering the grass for a minimum of 24 hours. Last year I finally got to see some, but not enough. So what about this year? With the winter season upon us our friends at decided to look at the odds of seeing snow in all the major North Carolina cities each day. And the best bet for snowfall in the state? Of course, it's in the mountains. That would be Asheville. There is an 11% chance that winter days could see snowfall. In contrast here in Charlotte it's just a 1.04% chance of snow. Guess I'm taking a trip to Asheville. NC Cities Odds Of Seeing Snow Each Day In The Winter Season: Asheville: 11.56% Winston-Salem: 6.34% High Point: 5.88% Greensboro: 5.11% Raleigh-Durham: 1.94% Charlotte: 1.04% Fayetteville: 0.74% Greenville: 0.71% Wilmington: 0.36% While not included on this list I can imagine Boone would rank potentially even higher than Asheville. With all the ski resorts in the area you may not see falling snow but some is almost a guarantee if you know where to look. Read the full study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="398333" syndication_name="the-10-most-instagramable-winter-wonderlands" description="yes"]

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