Do you enjoy capturing the moments when you travel? Whether that’s for personal photos, YouTube vlogs, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever social media finding the right spot can be very important. Some places you visit throughout the country are naturally picture-perfect. From the perfect scenery, the colors, and the views, they just have that IT quality. In an era of social media, finding the most Instagrammable parts of a city can be very important. It can really make or break your entire Instagram aesthetic.

Well, lucky for you the Travel Channel did some digging! They found some of America’s most Instagrammable places and you won’t believe what made the list. Not one, but two South Carolina cities have been deemed as some of America’s most Instagrammable places to visit. That’s right, picture-perfectness is not too far away from us! Find out which South Carolina cities and other cities made the top 20 list. Check out the Travel Channel’s top 20 most Instagrammable places in the U.S.