Super mom and her son walk forward holding hands. Cheerful family, a woman in a red raincoat as a superhero. Mom and son play superheroes during the day. Friendly family concept.

No matter if you’re a Marvel or DC fan, one thing we can all agree on is that we’ve all imagined what it would be like to be a superhero or villain. I personally would love to have either the ability to teleport, be invisible or fly.

Transimpact conducted a nationwide survey and asked over 3,000 Americans about their most desired superpower, what they would sacrifice to have one, and more. The survey was conducted on 3,159 Americans aged 18 and up in March of 2022. They segmented the survey in order to ensure representative sample sizes from each U.S. state and age group. The following states are not included in the regional analysis due to a lack of sample size: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

In 23 states, teleportation, or the ability to relocate without physically moving, is the most desired technology. Within 20 of the remaining states, Healing Ability, or the ability to heal yourself and others, took the top spot. According to 24% of respondents, this was also the most popular choice overall. The most desired superpower in North Carolina can be found below. I also included some nearby states and their results.

  • Alabama¬†

    The superpower most people want in this state is healing ability.

  • Florida

    The superpower most people want in Florida is teleportation.

  • Georgia

    The people of Georgia want the superpower of healing ability.

  • North Carolina

    We are just like a bunch of other states, the superpower we want to have is teleportation.

  • South Carolina

    Our neighbors next door want the superpower of having healing ability.

  • For Good or For Evil?

    Transimpact was interested in knowing how people would use their powers for the greater good. It turns out that people aren’t as unselfish as we thought they would be. In fact, roughly three out of every 5 (57%) Americans said they would use their superpower for their own benefit before using it to the advantage of others (including friends and family).

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