Are you thinking about having a backyard cookout this summer? Lucky for you, you’re in one of the best places to throw down in the backyard. Whether you like a good, burnt hot dog or just a simple hamburger, cookouts are always the best. But what makes a great cookout? Angi tells us the factors that make up a great cookout:

  • Average precipitation
  • Average temperature
  • Average yard size
  • Average cost per pound of a boneless chicken breast
  • Average cost of a pound of ground beef

Taking this information into consideration, Angi gathered their top states for backyard cookouts. Angi took the factors to make a great cookout and gave them rankings to determine their ranking. Pulling these numbers and further details, they chose the best states for backyard cookouts. Of course, North Carolina made the top 10 but can you guess who else is on the list? Check out this list of the best states for backyard cookouts!


  • 10. Arkansas

  • 9. Maryland

  • 8. District of Columbia

  • 7. North Carolina

  • 6. Virginia

  • 5. Georgia

  • 4. South Carolina

  • 3. Florida

  • 2. Oklahoma

  • 1. Texas

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