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North Carolina City One of the Most Overpriced Homes in the U.S.

If you are looking at getting a house anytime soon, then this article may be good for you. Homeownership has always been of some importance to me ever since I was a teenager. I have understood the benefits of home ownership ever since receiving my real estate license. Another thing that has gained my interest over the years is understanding different housing markets. I have lived in multiple cities over the last few years and in each city, I have taken interest in their housing market. From different areas in cities, types of housing, pricing, and everything in between. Go Banking Rates is naming some of the most overpriced housing markets within the U.S. Many of us know that the cost of living is extremely high compared to what it was a few years ago. If you were able to get a house for $250,000 or under, it's quite possible that you can't find a house like that at that price anymore. It is quite a drastic difference as the years continue. Although the housing market is calming down a bit, there are many cities where the market continues to be quite hot. One of those cities that made the top of the list is right here in North Carolina. Charlotte, North Carolina is the #3 city with the most overpriced housing market in the U.S. The average home listing price is $355,613 and the expected home value is $240,670. The fact that Charlotte is #3 on this list should tell you enough. Wondering what other cities made the top 10 list? Check out the full article here.

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