Emmy Nominations - Nominations for the 2020 Emmys will be announced on July 28.

The Emmy Awards have moved towards higher inclusivity for those who don’t identify with the gender binary. Or, in other words, for people who don’t necessarily identify as a woman or man.

Several performers who identify as gender non-conforming recently requested that the Emmys not be so quick to add a pronoun to their awards. So, The Emmys initiated and announced the change.

They are now giving performers the option to simply be “performer” instead of “actor” or “actress”. The terms “actor” and “actress” are gendered, meaning they are assigned based on how the person identifies.

But, “performer” is a gender-neutral term that could be applied to those who identify as neither a man nor woman. This could be non-binary folks, gender non-conforming folks, gender-fluid folks, or genderqueer folks.

This new change will go into effect at the 2021 Emmy Awards season right before the Primetime Emmys on July 13.

Learn more about non-binarism or genderqueerness here.

Source: 13ABC.com

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