It’s the world’s first Harry Styles spa day and my question is, why did it take this long? If you are a big Harry Styles fan then you are going to go watermelons for this experience. The Abbey Hotel in Redditch, which is also Harry’s hometown in the UK is hosting a Harry Styles-themed spa day in partnership with SpaSeekers. The hotel is the epitome of luxury and the ultimate rest spot for fans of Harry Styles.

As the SpaSeekers website states, “A visit to The Abbey Hotel for the Watermelon Sugar High spa day will ground you with the same harmonious, serene vibes as Harry. Tailored by location, sounds, and ingredients for the ultimate watermelon sugar high.”

The Harry Styles spa day consists of a “Breathe Me In” scented candle, which has been designed to smell just like Styles himself, a 55-minute “Adore You” skin facial, and a 25-minute yuzu, pink beets, and watermelon (of course) full body scrub. This treatment will cost you $101 per person.

Don’t worry about music, because the entire experience is soundtracked by a curated Harry Styles playlist and comes complete with a relaxation room filled with watermelon lemonade. To finish the day, guests will be given a picnic-style lunch crafted by in-house chefs, which will contain strictly no olives or beetroot. (Because Harry Styles wouldn’t approve of that!) If you are interested in booking you can make arrangements here.

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