Tekashi 6ix9ine has been held in a private for the facility since he was arrested back in 2018 on charges of racketeering. There were members of the Trey Nine Blood Gang. Tekashi and other members including his then manager “Shottie” were rounded up. Since his arrest, Tekashi has cooperated with the feds, almost immediately.

During the sentencing, Tekashi’s childhood came into play. They talked about his stepfather being murdered. They also discussed how he went to church with his mother, worked at a deli and helped saved money, picked up cans for money and more.

They tell the story of how he started to make videos in his backyard. He met an alleged gang member by the name of Kifano Jordan. They allegedly told Tekashi to purchase some Hennessy and the gang members would be in the video. Now, sidebar, not being rude, but I don’t too many people that will be in a video for some Hennessy, but ok. (Note: I’m just relaying information.) Well, the video blew up! That video is “Gummo” and I’m not going to lie. It’s def lit!


The attorney basically says that allegedly the gang realized Tekashi 6ix9ine aka Daniel Hernandez, would be a money ticket to fund the gang. So fast forward. He blows up and eventually denounces the gang. He has said that his child’s mother was having a sexual relationship with “Shotti” aka Kifano Jordan.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has now has been sentenced to 2 years behind bars and five years of supervised release. They say he will need lifetime security because of the level of government cooperator he was. The judge said there were many situations that Tekashi was involved in that he can’t excuse and despite wanting time served, he wouldn’t receive that.

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