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Zoo In China Promises Their Viral “Human” Bear Is Real

FCC Commissioner Wants TikTok Removed From App Stores

More Lockdowns?

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China Is Using Anal Swabs Now To Detect COVID-19

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There’s an Ancient City Under a Lake in China AND Time Travel is Possible There

Restaurant Forced To Apologize After Weighing Customers Before Dining

Kids Accidentally Shatter $64K Sculpture At Museum

The Bubonic Plague Has Resurfaced In China

A New Flu Virus With Pandemic Potential Was Found In China

China Approved Coronavirus Vaccine To Use On Soldiers In Their Military

The Coronavirus Is Causing A Diet Coke Shortage

Aussie Couple Ordered Wine Via Drone on Quarantined Coronavirus Cruise Ship

The Coronavirus Is Officially Declared A Global Health Emergency

Woah! Watch As a Wave Pool Malfunctions Sending Out a Tsunami!

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VIDEO: Tourists Decide to Throw Rocks at Panda at Zoo

Video: Octopus Fights Off Girl Trying To Eat It Alive During A Livestream

Tourists Get Terrified By New Glass Walkway Feature