What Do You Hate That Everyone Else Seems To Love?

After we helped a listener friend tell her Disney-hating husband that they got an all-expense-paid vacation to Disney, we didn't realize there was someone out there who could hate something that much that is so loveable. This got us wondering, what do YOU hate that everyone else seems to love?

Woman Gets Free Trip To Disney & Husband Is A TOTAL Grinch About It

A listener friend reached out to us with a dilemma. She got a FREE, ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Disney for her and her entire family as a gift from her family. You might be asking what her dilemma is after reading that. Well...she's scared to tell her husband. So what do we do? Call…

Unqualified Advice: Small Business Problems

We received a more serious email from someone in our radio family this morning about an issue that we had to bring light to. A listener works for a small company and is starting to get uncomfortable around her boss after comments he has made to her. This goes from Unqualified Advice with Roy to…