MRL Replay | 6-24

Your weekend in 30 seconds - The Land of Oz with the MRL cast - Roy vs. Intern Josh sports trivia preview - What have you broken that was expensive  - Roy's Senseless Survey- NEW Unfriended for breaking the baby code- Surprise call from the guy who turned down an offer from Cam Newton

Unfriended | You Posted My Newborn's Picture Before I Could!

Should you wait to post a picture of your friend's baby?  Are group chats an unofficial form of confidential conversation? On today's Unfriended someone found out that they were unfriended because they posted their friend's newborn to Facebook before the mom even could!

PREVIEW: Roy vs. Intern Josh in Sports Trivia

As hard as it is to believe there might be someone who knows less about sports than Roy.  We've decided to turn this into a game. LauRen will act as Roy's sports trivia coach and Maney will be Intern Josh's coach. Today we play some audio of their practices for a little preview of what's…

UPDATE On Maney's Friend's Impossible Situation

Yesterday, Maney shared with us that his friend confided in him with the information that his ex-girlfriend reached out to him to let him know he has a nine-year-old daughter. Sounds exciting right? Well not exactly. Maney's friend is currently already married with two children, and we dug a little deeper to find out even…