MRL Replay | 4-24

Happy Wednesday! What's up with you?- Excuses To Not Hit The Gym!- Celebrity First Jobs- NC May Owe You Money!- Good Bye A-Aron- Can't Beat LauRen- Confession Wednesday- Did You Leave A Good Job For Your Passion Job- Husband OK With Wife Leaving Her Ring At Home- Are You Married But Get Free Drinks?

LauRen Embarrassed Herself Meeting Her Neighbor For The First Time

LauRen is in the process of moving into a new house, which means there is a little bit of construction going on at the new job. LauRen's plumbing was not working and nature called so she had to run to her neighbor's house and ask him the use the bathroom. The plot twist? This was…

Classroom Pet Fails

Maney's son, Dean, took care of his classroom mascot over the Easter weekend and when he was talking to the show about it, Producer Nicole told him about her classroom mascot as that age and he was surprised to find out that her classroom mascot was an alive animal!