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The MRL Morning Show

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Maney, Roy, and LauRen are three people from opposite ends of the country.

Maney is born and raised in New Jersey. LauRen is born and raised in Miami, Florida. Roy comes from simple beginnings in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the saying goes “opposites attract”, and the three come together to form The MRL Morning Show.

The unlikely trio is one of a kind. Maney, the class clown at heart, finally settled down after years of traveling the nation and now resides in the suburbs with a wife and child. LauRen, a former NFL, and NBA dancer has welcomed a new baby boy into the world and is trying to manage her hectic schedule while starting a family. Roy is trying to navigate his life as he went from dirt roads and bonfires and exchanged it for a high rise apartment with a concrete yard.

The Maney, Roy and LauRen Morning Show focuses on their life, their family, and their experiences. The show creates a welcoming environment where anyone from any background can call to share stories and allow themselves to be silly and have fun. The show lives by their motto: “Real, Life, Laughs”.

You can hear the show weekday mornings on Kiss 95.1. The show broadcasts from their Southend studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kiss 95.1 is a powerful signal that reaches 2.4 million people in North and South Carolina. Maney, Roy, and LauRen have a massive digital presence. Their produced videos have reached over a million people and their podcast exceeds over half of a million downloads. The Maney, Roy and LauRen Morning Show continues to be a top-rated morning show and was voted #1 by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine as “Best Morning Show” in Charlotte two years in a row as well as winning a B.O.B Award for “Best Morning Show.”

In 2016 Maney, Roy and LauRen joined season 3 of TLC’s primetime show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. Their presence on the reality TV show earned the series’ highest rated season ever. Overall, Season 3 averaged 1.4 million viewers, up double digits among key female demographics versus Season 2. Maney, Roy, and LauRen were featured for two seasons.

Fast forward three years and not much has changed. Maney is now a father of two while LauRen takes on the “first-time mom” role and Roy continues to attempt to navigate the concrete jungle of Charlotte. The trio is still full of laughs and hopes to make your mornings feel like you’re hanging out with our family!

Meet the Maney Roy & LauRen Morning Show!

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