The Wrap Party

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Need a weekly podcast where you could get really down and in-depth with the weeks most pressing and trending topics? Look no further, it's The Wrap Party. This a weekly podcast where The MRL Show will dive a little deeper into the most talked about topics of the week. Anything goes!

The Wrap Party | Getting Prepared For Lie Detector Week

Welcome to The Wrap Party Podcast! We dive deeper into 3 of the top things that happened on this week's show. This week we prepare for next week's lie detector test where each MRL member will go under a polygraph test! We also talk about the horrendous smoothie that Roy & LauRen made for Maney…

The Wrap Party | Roy Ditches The Show + Hocus Pocus Debate

It's never a dull moment here on The MRL Morning Show. That includes after the show is over when we can dive deeper into on-air topics with our Wrap Party podcast. Each Friday we do this podcast and dive deeper into the week's biggest topics. Up on today's agenda: Roy bailing on the MRL Haunted…