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Need a weekly podcast where you could get really down and in-depth with the weeks most pressing and trending topics? Look no further, it's The Wrap Party. This a weekly podcast where The MRL Show will dive a little deeper into the most talked about topics of the week. Anything goes!

The Wrap Party | Maney Is Officially A Dad Of Two!

What happened this week?   Oh, childbirth. That's right, that thing! Maney and his wife, Amanda, welcomed their second child into the world this week which caused Maney to miss a few days. We catch up with him about dad of two life and also catch him up with some things that happened on the…

The Wrap Party: Behind The Scenes of Roy The Human Pinata

If you missed our show on Friday...we decided to turn Roy into a human pinata. We ordered three actual pinatas and taped them around Roy's body. Yes, his chest and head were exposed. LauRen, Maney & Producer Nicole all got to take a swing at him, blindfolded. What you heard on the radio is always…

The Wrap Party: Show Beef Brought Up

It's time for the Wrap Party! A podcast from The MRL Morning Show where they go more in depth, and more explicit about the biggest things that happened on the show during the week. On today's chopping block, LauRen's big family news & Maney not inviting the crew to his son's birthday party. Don't hold…

The Wrap Party: The Infamous Father Of Maney

Another week another podcast! The Wrap Party is a podcast where we dive a little deeper into some of the things we talked about during the week. We say things we typically wouldn't say on air - so it's fun! Today we talk about Roy's wallet AND we talk to Maney's dad. He's everything you…

The Wrap Party: MRL Confronts Sales About Stigma

It's FriYAY! While the show may be over for the week, we like to recap on the week highlights and of course...find a way to talk some more. Well, as you may have heard we had a big show announcement earlier this week and that was the news that The MRL Morning Show has been resigned…

The Wrap Party: Luke Bryan, Fashion & Conspiracy Theories

As you may or may not know, our Wrap Party podcast is a weekly rundown of the top things we talk about during the week on our show. We dive a little deeper into our most jaw-dropping subjects. On today's Wrap Party Podcast we dive a little deeper into Roy's time at Luke Bryan's house as… The post The Wrap Party: Luke Bryan, Fashion & Conspiracy Theories appeared first on Kiss 95.1.

The Wrap Party: A Week Of Powerful Announcements!

We had a powerful week on The MRL Morning Show, to say the least. If you missed any of our show podcasts we highly suggest you catch up! On Monday, Roy came out.. on Wednesday. Maney announced him & his wife were expecting baby number 2! On Friday. Maney's son went viral! Yep, quite a… The post The Wrap Party: A Week Of Powerful Announcements! appeared first on Kiss 95.1.