A lot of times I read these studies and just think “that makes no sense” or “I never would have thought that”. This one, well it’s exactly what I would have guessed. The most hippie town in North Carolina. It makes perfect sense. Thrillist.com recently created a list of the “most hippie towns” across the country. You know a hippie when you see one (or maybe when you smell patchouli). The term hippie can include free spirits on college campuses or mountain-dwelling stoners (looking at you-NC town). Some are boomers still living life like the ’60s. But all of them still need a place to call home.

It’s human nature to live near like-minded people. Businesses have opened that appeal to you, your friends are there, and activities you enjoy are plentiful. So understandably whether it’s a farm commune in Missouri or an artists colony in Mississippi every state’s got its own eclectic hippie haven. And Thrillist rounded up the best of the best from all 50 states.

Have you guessed the most hippie town in North Carolina yet?