Americans are generally overweight, but it may come as a surprise to learn which city in North Carolina is among the fattest in the country. recently ranked the top 100 United States metro markets and found out which was the fattest. Since we’ve been indoors for most of the last two years due to the pandemic, it’s not surprising things have gotten worse.

According to the numbers collected by WalletHub in 19 key indicator categories, Winston-Salem is the 16th fattest city in North Carolina. Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach is technically in South Carolina, but we’re not taking North Carolina into account here.

Who is getting a little bigger?

There is a recurrent theme for the cities at the top (which is at the bottom) of this list. All of them are southern cities, as well as being centered around excellent food. The “top” spot went to McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas. The city on the border of Texas and Mexico has some of the best mixtures of barbecue and Mexican food you’ll ever find.

As for the healthiest cities, well there’s a theme there too. Most of them are major urban cities, in cultural hotspots, with healthy living cultures. No. 100 (so, the most healthy) on the list is the Boston metro area. So what are the fattest cities in North Carolina and across the United States? Let’s take a look below.

  • 16. Winston-Salem

    Total Score: 78.06
    Obesity & Overweight: 52
    Health Consequences: 11
    Food & Fitness: 2

  • 29. Greensboro-High Point

    Total Score: 76.00
    Obesity & Overweight: 47
    Health Consequences: 16
    Food & Fitness: 17

  • 37. Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia

    Total Score: 74.44
    Obesity & Overweight: 35
    Health Consequences: 15
    Food & Fitness: 58

  • 50. Durham-Chapel Hill

    Total Score: 71.10
    Obesity & Overweight: 59
    Health Consequences: 73
    Food & Fitness: 22

  • 52. Asheville

    Total Score: 70.76
    Obesity & Overweight: 66
    Health Consequences: 46
    Food & Fitness: 47

  • 56. Raleigh-Cary

    Total Score: 70.20
    Obesity & Overweight: 57
    Health Consequences: 51
    Food & Fitness: 48

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