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A path used for walking running and biking, that runs for 4.5 miles beside the light rail system.

Charlotte’s I Heart Rail Trail is back for another year! Until March 20th, which is this Sunday, the Rail Trail will feature beautiful light displays from 7 local Charlotte artists. The displays are meant to be viewed, photographed, and interacted with. All displays are in South End, and relatively close to one another. This way, viewers are able to take pics with the displays and then grab a bite to eat, or a drink!

Take a look at all 5 of this year’s displays and let me know which is your favorite!! I am making a plan to go visit them all, but I think I personally like Oliver Lewis’s “Sweet Dreams” nightlight display. The designs on the side remind me of a SensiBurner my mom used to have on the wall all the time. Also, the flowers in Meredith Dallas’s display are absolutely beautiful!!! I wish I could special order them for my apartment….

I also really love the idea behind Arko x Moon’s display “Ze Portal” which provides a moment of calm and peace for people looking for that in the busy city environment.

Tell me which display you’re most excited to visit and why at

Find more information about the I Heart Rail Trail at

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    Arko CLT and Luvly Moon are two street artists and muralists who have collaborated before on art pieces like this. Their display on the Rail Trail is located at 1100 South Plaza. This piece is titled “Ze Portal”. Viewers can walk through and experience a moment away from the hustle and bustle of Uptown.

  • Oliver Lewis

    Oliver Lewis combines engineering and robotics to create his art pieces. His piece featured in the Rail Trail is entitled “Sweet Dreams”.  The display is located at the RailYard in South End and is meant to remind viewers of the comfort they found in nightlights as a child.

  • Meredith Dallas

    Meredith Dallas is a sculpture artist out of Rock Hill, SC. Working in welding and product design for South End’s ASCM, Inc., Dallas created her piece for the Rail Trail called ‘Garden of Light – A Wish for the Future”. She believes art should blend in seamlessly with the community where it resides. 

  • Katrina Sánchez Standfield & Caleb Roenigk

    Kat Sánchez Standfield uses fibers in their art to experiment with texture and color. The Rail Trail display from Standfield and Caleb Roenigk, who plays around with form and color in his art, is called “Movimientos Illuminados” or Illuminated Movements.  It’s located on the Tremont Ave. Lawn at Atherton Mill. 

  • Kiik Create

    Manoela and Gray are the two parts of the duo behind Kiik Create. Together, they attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As a duo, they’ve created murals and exhibits like this one all around North and South America, including Puerto Rico. Their display for the Rail Trail is located at the plaza at Atherton Mill. It’s entitled, “EFT: Night Shift”.