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People love to work from home, but 61% of remote workers say it's more difficult to unplug after work.

There’s a lot to love about working from home and having the right habits in place can make the experience that much better. When you’re working on something especially challenging, having things to look forward to during the workday can make all the difference.

These working-from-home habits can boost happiness and productivity, too.

  • Replace scrolling with reading

    Instead of reaching for your phone to hop on social media when you need a break, pick up a book or e-reader instead. It will give you the distraction you’re looking for without the downsides of social media.

  • Get your afternoon pick-me-up from something other than coffee

    When you hit the 3p.m. slump and find yourself craving another cup of coffee for some much-needed energy, try a little burst of exercise and a non-caffeinated drink instead. Just five to 15 minutes of walking, yoga stretches or any physical activity you like will get the blood flowing and get your productivity back on track.

  • Break up your day into segments

    If the eight-hour work day ahead of you feels overwhelming, try separating it into sections, like classes when you were in school. Schedule time for projects, emails, leaving time for meetings and last-minute tasks that pop up, and don’t forget to include breaks, too.

  • Make time for personal or professional development

    Try to have something that you’re working toward or learning. This can include reading, taking a course through LinkedIn Learning or Duolingo to learn a foreign language.

  • Give yourself a do-over when you need it

    If the day isn’t going well at first, don’t think of it as ruined, instead let yourself start over, assuming the bad stuff is all behind you.

  • Play relaxing music

    Whether it’s classical or movie soundtracks, the key is finding music you enjoy that doesn’t distract you from work.

  • Track your water intake

    You’ll feel better physically and mentally when you’re hydrated, so make sure you’re drinking enough water all day long.

  • Create an end-of-the-day ritual

    Without a commute to separate work time from free time, you can come up with something that signals the end of the work day for you, like going for a walk or calling a friend.