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We all have at least one song that makes us immediately bail on the dance floor when it’s played at a wedding. A Reddit thread in the wonderfully petty and judgemental “Wedding Shaming” group asks people for their “Do Not Under Any Circumstances Play These Songs” DJ List for weddings.

With more than 13 hundred responses, it seems Reddit has a lot of opinions here and these are some of the tunes no one wants to hear at a wedding ever again:

  • “‘Sexual healing’ by Marvin Gaye”

  • “‘Butterfly Kisses.’ Dads, don't make your daughters dance to this. It's just dreadful.”

  • “‘Tonight’s gonna be a good night’ by the Black Eyed Peas”

  • “‘Cha cha slide’ (and any other line dance, for me)”

  • “‘Happy’ by Pharrell”

  • “‘I Will Survive’ — this is a breakup song guys!”

  • “‘The Lady is a Tramp.’ Yes, I actually heard it at a reception.”

  • “‘YMCA.’ ‘Let it Go,’ as requested by every girl under 10 at every wedding I DJ-ed.”

  • “‘Get Low’ and ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’”

  • “‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles. I’ve heard that at weddings and it’s most definitely not a wedding song.”

  • “‘Single Ladies.’ Please, let this trend of marching your unmarried/single lady friends out on the dance floor to claw each other over the chance to catch the bouquet to be "the next to get married" to this overplayed song die.”

  • “‘I Will Always Love You’ - It's a breakup song, people!”

  • “‘Every Breath You Take’ - It's stalker sh*t, not a love song.”

  • “‘Blurred Lines’ came out not long before my wedding so I vetoed it. DJ played it anyway”

  • “‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day (the first part of the title is "Good Riddance" for a reason)”

  • “‘Daughters’ by John Mayer