A sign on a two-lane country road welcomes residents and visitors to North Carolina.

Inflation is through the roof. Gas cost me over $50 to fill up my small car this morning. Oh, and my rent is going up $200 more a month. I’m tempted to just never leave my house and eat ramen for the rest of my life. But somehow there is good news. The Mountaineer is reporting that two North Carolina towns have some of the lowest rent in the country. And these prices? Are to die for. Yes, you’d have to go a little outside of the major cities, but it could be worth it for these prices.

How does an average rent of $708 or $753 a month sound? Like a dream? Both can be found in North Carolina. One SC town also made this list.

All data used in this story on rent prices and home values are five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey. The below rankings are according to The Mountaineer. View the full article here.

Two North Carolina Times Have Some Of The Lowest Rent In The Country