Okay, this travel blogger is about to hurt some feelings. I am all for blogging about your opinions, but I actually really love Asheville, North Carolina. It is one of my favorite spots to travel to. The mountains are gorgeous, the waterfalls are stunning and the food is absolutely amazing.

Unfortuly in this case, a blog that goes by the name 601 Travels said Asheville isn’t a great place to live. The account has over 22 thousand subscribers and apparently, they must have visited the area earlier this year. With that being said, they made a list of 10 reasons you should not move to Asheville, North Carolina.

Judging by the overwhelming flow of people migrating to the area, I’m guessing not many people have seen this video. So I’m gonna share it. According to the blogger’s description section, “these lists are not intended to be used for making life-changing decisions. They are just another look at the city.”

So if you’re one of the many, many, many people looking to move to the mountains of North Carolin, here is a video of why you shouldn’t. I personally don’t agree with these 10 points, but hey that’s why we all have opinions right?

If you can’t listen, here are her top 10 reasons below:

  • 10. The Tourists

    Peak seasons are obviously crowded, but I love a good crowd. If you like laid back and quiet cities, apparently this isn’t your destination.

  • 9. Craft Beer Craze

    Yes, we know there is A LOT of craft beer. With over 30 breweries I am a BIG fan of the city.

  • 8. Sports

    We do love sports…but apparently, this travel blogger thinks that isn’t cool.

  • 7. The Traffic

    Well yeah, we all hate traffic. I do agree we have a lot here sometimes.

  • 6. Crime

    179% higher crime rate than National Average.

  • 5. Weird Seasons

    Apparently, some hot days and cold days aren’t what people are looking for.

  • 4. Not Nashville

    Well, duh.

  • 3. Expansive

    There are a lot of stores and restaurants to visit, but this travel blogger thinks you can’t walk to all of them. I have…and it was possible.

  • 2. Jobs

    No jobs and apparently bad jobs.

  • 1. Expensive Houses

    The housing is higher than in other places. You will see a $390,000 average price for a house in the Asheville, North Carolina area.