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In a sweet, and unexpected trend that is happening right now on Tik Tik, people are helping others find their lost engagement and wedding rings. I’ve seen a few videos on my feed of people helping others, in different ways, return lost items.

The thought of losing something as important as an engagement ring, or a wedding band is pretty scary! But for many people, it is a reality. According to research by insurer Ecclesiastical, around a quarter of men admitted to losing their wedding ring at some point, while 14.3 percent of women said the same.

People have discovered however, that by using the power of the internet, they can help others find their lost items. Whether it means someone found the ring and is looking for the owner, or someone is asking for help; many are turning to Tik Tok to help spread the word, and it’s working.

Here are some examples, and stories of people finding their lost rings thanks to Tik Tok!