Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front House.

It would be nice if my rent was lower. My significant other and I split the rent, but I couldn’t even pay the rent with one paycheck. (Thanks to inflation)

RentCafe recently compiled a list of the most desirable cities in the U.S. for renters. The top city on the list is located in the state of North Carolina. Data were analyzed for hundreds of cities across the country. RentCafe then narrowed it down to 115 candidates for the best cities to be a renter in 2022. As indicated by the data, smaller cities offer the best quality of life for renters, as they represent half of the top 50 cities.

Based on 17 metrics that best define quality renting experience, the statistics are calculated. The cost of living, the quality of rental housing, the local economy, and the quality of life are a few. The following is a list of the top ten best cities in the United States for renters. You can check out the top 20 cities for renters to live in with the best prices below. I’m impressed with all the North Carolina cities that made the list.