If your idea of a burrito just involves beans, salsa, meat, and cheese wrapped up in a flour tortilla, then you’re doing it wrong. Some of the best burritos this country has to offer feature a lot more than that! Some are traditional-classic can be incredible when done correctly. But others feature ingredients that take it up a notch like fried avocado, fries, and tater tots. Yes, tater tots. And don’t forget the sauce! Food Love created a list of the best burrito in every state. Which restaurant took the title of best burrito in North Carolina? I’ll give you a hint it’s in Wilmington.

Below you’ll find North Carolina’s favorite burrito as well as surrounding states and those particularly known for their TexMex or Mexican food. And if you read this list for one reason, it should be to look at the photos. Because it is food porn to the next level. Seriously, I followed restaurants in random states because the food looks so delicious. I could have (and might have) spent an hour going through the Knoxville winner’s Instagram. And if I leave work now I could be there by dinner time. Adios!

In all seriousness, whether you prefer your burritos classic or with a twist, there is sure to be one you’ll love on this list. Without further ado here is the best burrito in North Carolina and other states. Enjoy!