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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 12: A woman stands in the rain beneath the fall foliage at Central Park West November 12, 2002 in New York City. Rain is expected to continue in the area through tomorrow. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

City parks and gardens aren’t just picturesque to the eyes. They’re also great at soaking up carbon emissions, which means they’re just as good for the environment as they are on your Instagram feed!

New York’s Central Park has been crowned the world’s most picturesque park with over 7.9 hashtags! The park is also estimated to remove over one million pounds of CO2 from New York’s air each year. Central Park plays a massive part in cleaning up the air of the hustle and bustle of the New Yorker lifestyle, thanks to the 18,000 trees that live there. It’s estimated by the Conservancy Tree Care team (the people nursing the trees in Central Park) that roughly one million pounds of carbon dioxide is removed from the city’s air each year thanks to those 18,000 trees. Hyde Park in London is home to the second most beautiful. Did you know that Hyde Park in London is home to 4,000 trees? That is so beneficial to helping the city breathe cleaner air.

The research was conducted by the green energy experts at Uswitch. The research analyzed Instagram hashtag data for parks and green spaces in the world’s 100 biggest cities to determine which parks are the most Insta-worthy.

Within the top five are three total American green spaces. As previously mentioned, New York’s Central Park took the number one spot but the other two within the top three are both located in California; Griffith Park in Los Angeles and Golden Gate Park. More American green spaces were featured in the top 20 list; including, Chicago’s Millennium Park in 13th and Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in 14th. Meanwhile, seven European gardens or parks make the ranks.

There aren’t many cons to outdoor spaces. Not only are they great for our Instagram, great for the environment, but they’re also great for both our mental and physical health. You can check out the full research done by Uswitch here!