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Written when she was just 16 years old, Adele based the song on her home suburb of West Norwood in London.

Adele’s highly anticipated return happened this week with the release of her new song, “Easy on Me.” The singer hasn’t had new music out since her 2015 album, 25. Needless to saw, fans, including myself, are on cloud nine. The new song is classic Adele; it pulls at all your heart strings with the deep lyrics, and of course Adele’s hauntingly powerful voice.

I’ve been a big Adele fan since day 1, and it got me thinking, which Adele songs are my absolute favorite. Here’s a list of the best Adele songs I like to listen to when I want to be fully in my feels.


  • Chasing Pavements

    This is the oldest on the list, released in 2008. This is the first time Adele had us balling, and we will never forget it.


  • Turning Tables

    This song came out when I had just gotten out of a relationship in college, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve ugly cried to it.

  • Don't You Remember

    Ever felt like your ex just ended things out of no where, and got over you way too fast? This song will for sure pull at your heart strings!

  • Take It All

    This song is straight up therapy. From questioning to why things ended, to accepting the pain, this one it downright emotional!


  • Hello

    As if we could ever forget Adele, this song is all about remembering a lost love. Ever moved on, but always felt a special place for someone in your heart? YEP, you’ll cry listening to this one!

  • All I Ask

    This song is on the album, 25, and the melody alone in this song will get me teary eyed. Sometimes you may know it’s the end of a relationship, but you want to remember things fondly in your last moments together- this song is for you!


  • Somebody Like You

    GAME OVER! I get goosebumps when this song’s intro comes in. This song is all about a past lover who has moved on, even though you may not have. You’re happy for that ex lover, but want someone like them to fill that void for you. I MEAN, COME ON! Where are the tissues?