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UNDATED PHOTO: Actors Courteney Cox Arquette (L), Jennifer Aniston (C) and Matthew Perry are shown in a scene from the NBC series "Friends". The series received 11 Emmy nominations, including outstanding comedy series, by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences July 18, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images)

Can you believe it’s already been over a year since HBO Max launched? Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the Friends reunion that was going to happen on the brand new streaming service. If you are already an avid HBO viewer, then you know the app has HBO’s original dramas like Succession and The Sopranos but it has the streaming rights to other classics like South Park and The Big Bang Theory.

If you’re like me…then you know of HBO because of Game of Thrones. HBO Max has so much more to offer though. According to a new study by, these are the 10 most popular television shows on HBO Max.

  • 10. The Flight Attendant

  • 9. The Big Bang Theory

  • 8. South Park

  • 7. Game of Thrones

  • 6. The Undoing

  • 5. The Wire

  • 4. Watchmen

  • 3. Rick & Morty

  • 2. Doctor Who

  • 1. Friends