Exercise is essential to everyone’s health. As a result, our bodies are kept happy and on their toes (literally). According to Myprotein research, Americans seem to enjoy a few popular fitness trends.

The sports nutrition brand analyzed search interest in the USA over the last 12 months using Google Trends to analyze over 50 workouts. The top search term was boxing, with a 139% increase in searches.

During a sometimes frustrating year, Americans turned to various combat sports to keep fit – and relieve some tension! Kickboxing (+48%) and karate (+29%) also saw increases in search volume, as well as mixed martial arts (102%) and boxing (102%).

As a result of the postponed games’ completion in 2021, workouts inspired by the Olympics increased, including badminton (+70%), athletics (+47%), rowing (+43%), swimming (+33%) and tennis (+13%). As a result of the viral TikTok trend, we also saw an increase in interest in hula hooping, with searches up by 70%. Here are America’s top 10 most popular fitness trends for 2021.

  • 1. Boxing

  • 2. Mixed Martial Arts

  • 3. Ultimate Frisbee

  • 4. Hula Hooping

  • 5. Badminton

  • 6. Cross Training

  • 7. Barre

  • 8. Kickboxing

  • 9. Athletics

  • 10. Parkour