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Yes, we’re still enjoying summer, but if you’re looking to plan fall vacations, now is a good time to start doing so. Not sure of where you should go? “PureWow” is sharing its list of the best fall vacations in the country! While it didn’t make the top ten, Charleston, South Carolina came in at #20 on the list.

  • The Poconos, Pennsylvania

    It’s filled with great fall foliage, vibrant colors, and lots of outdoor activites.

  • Acadia, Maine

    It’s a great place to see fall foliage with fewer crowds, crisp weather, and great hikes.

  • Eastern Shore, Maryland

    More great fall foliage, a bit cooler weather, and rich history.

  • Woodstock, Vermont

    Not only will you get fall foliage, but you’ll also be surrounded by country charm and apple picking.

  • Sedona, Arizona

    No fall foliage here but the fall colors are still beautiful and there’s excellent hiking.

  • Yosemite, California

    It has ideal weather, isn’t too crowded, and has great hiking.

  • Aspen, Colorado

    Beautiful mountains, great weather, and also excellent hiking.

  • Napa Valley, California

    If you want fall vineyards, festivals, and fall foliage, this is your place.

  • North Fork. Long Island

    Super family-friendly and filled with apple picking and vineyards.

  • Grand Canyon, Arizona

    It’s a national park that’s not too crowded and has cooler weather.