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If reading isn't your thing, revisit one of your favorite TV shows again. There have been numerous studies/articles that have emerged since the pandemic that touch on how binging a show you've seen many times is a form of self-care and acts as a soothing force. So, never feel guilty for rewatching a series for the 12th time! You're just looking out for your well-being.

October is an exciting month! In the Carolinas, we get beautiful Fall foliage starting, and there are always a lot of fun events happening. But for many, the start of the cooler weather is the perfect time to bunker down, with a warm blanket, and watch movies and shows.

Whether you love horror, comedy, or drama; there are plenty of new movies and TV-Shows coming out this month on the streaming sites to keep you busy.

Here are some of the ones I’m most excited to watch:

  • Catherine Called Birdy


    Coming out October 7th on Amazon Prime Video

  • Luckiest Girl Alive

    Coming out on Netflix October 8th

  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow

    Coming out on Netflix October 14th

  • The Peripheral – Season 1

    Coming out on Amazon Prime Video, October 21st

  • The School for Good and Evil


    Coming out on Netflix on October 19th

  • The Redeem Team


    Coming out on Netflix, October 7th

  • Hellraiser


    Coming out on Hulu on October 4th

  • Raymond & Ray

    Coming out on Apple TV+ on October 21st

  • Wendell & Wild


    Coming out on Netflix on October 28th

  • Big Mouth – Season 6


    Coming out on Netflix on October 28th

  • The Good Nurse

    Coming out on Netflix on October 26th

  • Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

    Coming out on Netflix October 25th