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MIAMI BEACH, FL - APRIL 14: Customers wait in line to enter the Trader Joe's store in South Beach on April 14, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. The city of Miami Beach put in place an emergency measure requiring all customers and employees at grocery stores, restaurants and pharmacies to wear face coverings to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

When spending money, some folks feel better about shelling out their hard-earned dollars if they’re going to a company they can trust, and now a new survey reveals the most reputable companies in the United States.

The annual Axios-Harris Poll 100 has just been released. It’s an annual ranking of the reputations of the most visible U.S. companies. A company’s ranking is based on seven criteria: trust, vision, growth, products + services, culture, ethics, and citizenship (sharing my values and supporting good causes).

Topping the list this year is Trader Joe’s, with a score of 82.4, with grocery stores making a good showing, with three in the Top 5. The survey notes that Amazon and Walmart are once again considered the two most visible countries in America today. Trader Joe’s is actually new to the list, along with Spotify, Big Lots, Shein, and Subway.

Companies with the biggest reputation improvements this year include AT&T (up 6.3%), Google (6.1%), Starbucks (6.0%), Yum! Brands (5.4%), General Motors (4.7%), and The Home Depot (4.5%).

  • The Axios-Harris Poll Top Ten Companies With The Best Reputation

  • 1. Trader Joe's

  • 2. HEB Grocery Store

  • 3. Patagonia

  • 4. The Hershey Company

  • 5. Wegman's

  • 6. Samsung

  • 7.

  • 8. Toyota Motor Corporation

  • 9. Honda Motor Company

  • 10. Sony

  • Companies landing at the bottom of the list include:

    Thanks to the current political climate, Disney’s reputation ranking fell significantly this year (-4.3%). In addition to Disney, companies with the biggest declines include Stellantis (down 8.0%), Twitter (-4.9%), Pfizer (-4.7%), Trump Organization (-4.3%), Chick-fil-A (-3.7%), PepsiCo (-3.5%), eBay (-3.3%), ExxonMobil (-3.3%), and Electronic Arts (-3.2%).

  • The Trump Organization

  • Wish

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Fox

  • Spirit Airlines

  • TikTok

  • Sears

  • Wells Fargo

  • Uber