The South is known for Southern Hospitality and ingrained in that is friendliness. It’s just a way of life in many of the cities and towns we love. Especially in the Carolinas. So when I came across this list from Southern Living of the 15 Friendliest Cities in The South, I had a feeling I’d come across some familiar places on the list. And oh did I, not only were 5 North and South Carolina cities named friendliest cities in the South a beloved South Carolina city topped the list.

Yes, that’s correct it was a South Carolina city that topped this list. Not only that but of the 15 friendly places on this list 5 were in either North or South Carolina. That’s a third of the list. So congrats Carolinas you may just be the friendliest pair of states in the country.

It’s just the way most of us were raised. Yes mam and no mam. To help anyone who needs it. And the golden rule treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated. These things are just a part of life in the South.

And even with an influx of new residents, that hospitality and treating others like one of our own remains. According to Southern Living, the cities on this list “stand out as being extra gracious”.

To create the list Southern Living editors polled the ones who know the South best- it’s readers! They asked readers which Southern cities have made them “feel especially warm and fuzzy”.

This list is just cities. To be included on the list the city had to have a population of over 40,000. So if your favorite small town is missing, it may not be that it isn’t friendly. Just that it didn’t fit the criteria.

So here are the 5 North and South Carolina cities named friendliest cities in the South. You can read the full Southern Living list here.

The 5 North and South Carolina Cities Named Friendliest Cities In The South

  • 15. Cary, NC

    Cary is a suburb to the southwest of Raleigh. As someone who has lived in Raleigh for 4 years and visited the area for most of my life I can attest that it is a great place to live. The area is thriving and has all the amenities you could want. Plus I may be biased but I do think the people are certainly friendly!

  • 7. Asheville, NC

    The mountain town of Asheville is beloved for so many reasons. The culinary landscape is elite, the area is full of wonderful breweries, and an eclectic arts and culture scene. I love the elegance of both the Biltmore Estate and the Grove Park Inn. While the Blue Ridge Mountains may not be the first thing you picture when you think of “The South” that doesn’t mean Southern Hospitality isn’t alive and well in this city that welcomes and embraces tourists and residents.

  • 6. Wilmington, NC

    Located on the Cape Fear River near the coast is the gem of a city that is Wilmington, NC. The beach is a short drive and a popular vacation destination. The locals make it a great area to call home (I had a good friend live and around Wilmington for several years). There is a rich history in the downtown Riverfront area as well.

  • 3. Greenville, SC

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times and just failed to make it happen. I really need to plan a weekend in Greenville and see just what all the buzz is about. Seriously the city is thriving and people are talking. While I’ve been, it’s been quick trips for events and never to explore and take in all the city has to offer. Soon though!

  • 1. Charleston, SC

    Is there a positive list Charleston hasn’t topped or at least nearly topped? I don’t think so. The Holy City gets continuous high praise. And I can’t say it isn’t deserved. It along with the number two city on this list (Savannah, GA) is in my mind the epitome of Southern charm and hospitality. When I think of cities in the South it’s these two. Charleston is filled with history, culture, beauty, incredible cuisine, truly everything you could want. And that is just exemplified by the people that call the city home.

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