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The Universe is always in tune.

You have met a person who treats you right and makes you happy. Yay! But how do you know that they’re actually the one? Here are some subtle signs from the universe that they are according to YourTango.

  • 1. You recognized each other

    There was an instant connection when you met.

  • 2. It feels like you've known them forever

    You clicked and were comfortable with them from the get-go.

  • 3. You have moments of déjà vu

    Things feel similar and in sync together, or you’ve even had a flash of yourselves in a past life.

  • 4. You bring out the best in each other

    You both want to grow, strive, and reach new heights together.

  • 5. You dream about your new mate

    They’re subconscious messages about your relationship.

  • 6. Things fall into place easily

    There’s no struggles or communication difficulties (or not as much).

  • 7. Your love shows up in your meditations

    If you meditate, this person may come to mind.

  • 8. You notice a specific animal on your nature hikes

    The universe communicates via animals.

  • 9. Everything feels right in the world

    You have no doubts in the relationship and you feel more joy than ever.

  • 10. Synchronicities start showing up

    Synchronicity is when “coincidences” keep happening but they make you stop and wonder how it’s possible (like knowing the same people or having lived near each other at one point).