Taylor Swift attends the "All Too Well" New York Premiere on November 12, 2021 in New York City.

Taylor Swift’s audience has gotten their hands on Swift’s $49.99 four-disc vinyl sets of Red (Taylor’s Version), but there seems to have been a bit of confusion over how the record sounds.

Some of the reviews of the Target exclusive gave the album one-star, but it’s likely because they didn’t figure out that the records were pressed at 45 RPM. The records sound slowed down when played at a turntable’s typical speed of 33.3 RPM — and if you are unaware, all you have to do is flip a switch to 45 to play the record as it was intended.

One review titled: “Creepy Voice” said, “Vinyl look ok and the color, is beautiful, but the sound is really scary, it’s like a Taylor’s voice from beyond the grave… is this a disgusting joke about halloween? Not sure.”

Another reviewer titled their review: “defective record” and wrote: “the pressing is bad it sounds like a man.”

“Not good,” titled another one-star reviewer who wrote, “As a few other reviews mention, it sounds like a man is singing the album. I thought it was a problem with my record player but I tried playing it on another and it was the same.”

Check out the reactions to the naive fans on Twitter below.

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