A brunch spread at a hotel with waffles, sausage, blueberries, chocolate covered strawberries.

Brunch cocktails are my favorite. If you don’t brunch, then you are missing out. It is the best because you get delicious food, drink early and have a great conversation.

Whether you like yours with olives, celery stalks, or fruit, you need a drink at brunch. A Sunday brunch in North Carolina is not complete without a cocktail – but which one? During a brunch cocktail competition, the Shane Co. team pitted Mimosas against Bloody Marys.

Additionally, they found the most popular brunch cocktail in every state and the most popular juice in each state that might go well with mimosas using Google Trends search volume for five years. The cocktail that is most popular in North Carolina is shown below. Additionally, we have included some favorites from other states. Click here to see the entire map.