Rivalry weekend is the best weekend in college football IMO. It’s always the last weekend of the regular season, so not only is there the pressure of beating your rival, for many teams conference championships, bowl bids, and even playoff spots are on the line, additionally, it’s also senior day for the home team. This amounts to some of the biggest games teams play all year. And what football fan doesn’t love to watch that. Rivalry weekend this year was full of drama, big wins, and excitement. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan finally beat Ohio State. Auburn v Alabama took 4 overtimes to determine a winner. Oklahoma State knocked rival Oklahoma out of conference championship contention. And NC State, with one of the most un-probable comebacks ever beat UNC. For just the second time in recent history, fans rushed the field at Carter Finley Stadium (previously they had not been allowed to do so). And one NC State fan, well he broke his leg getting onto the field. But as a true die-hard fan he has no regrets.