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It takes the right kind of man to support a strong, independent woman who has their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Men With These 10 Traits Make The Most Valuable Partners. I’m here to help you out. While some men walk away from women who don’t need rescuing, others can make the perfect partner. Here are the 10 traits of men who make strong, valuable partners to confident women:

Source: Your Tango

Buckle up murder podcast lovers! If you love stories about people who committed murder, you’ll love this…

In Nancy Grace’s new special, “Marrying a Murderer,” several women are profiled for choosing to be with men who have committed murder. Teresa X. Roberts opens up about marrying not just one murderer but two.

Roberts says she has three core reasons that led her to marry a murderer. “Number one, I didn’t want to live near the person, so I wouldn’t be tempted to visit,” she recalls. “Number two, I wanted somebody serving a long time, so he wouldn’t get out and basically break my heart or hurt me.” “And number three, I wanted somebody that was somewhat average looking– not super good looking, not hideous. And so I found him, like, on that website. And I was like, ‘OK, perfect” Roberts concludes.

She also confesses about her experience in her memoir, titled “Why I Married A Murderer: And How I Survived the Divorce.”

  • He has his own goals and dreams

    A man who will be comfortable with a driven, ambitious woman needs to be on a similar path to understand and appreciate her hustle.

  • He brings his own security to the table

    While men want to feel wanted, a man that needs reassurance or validation won’t get what he needs from a strong woman. A secure woman wants the man she’s with to be the same. 

  • He respects your privacy

    A man who’s going to date a woman who’s focused on their own goals has to understand what’s private and what the public is allowed to see, including on social media.

  • He won’t pacify you

    A man who’s a ball of mush won’t be able to hold the attention of a strong woman; she’ll walk all over him.

  • He’s comfortable taking the reins

    At the end of the day, many women appreciate a man who’s “the man;” making plans for them, romancing her, and is chivalrous and respectful.

  • He’s not possessive or jealous

    Strong women don’t want their hand held constantly, and they work best with a man who lives his own life alongside hers, not one that tries to intertwine the two.

  • He’s a strong communicator

    He should know how to express his feelings, but communication goes both ways; he should also know how to listen and interpret hers as well.

  • He’s never condescending

    He respects and values her opinions and tells her his own, and never assumes she can’t teach him something new.

  • His support is unwavering

    Men and women who are strong and secure in themselves will have no problem standing behind their partner when support is needed.

  • He has a great sense of humor

    A man who can lighten the mood at just the right times will not only be a great lover but a great best friend.