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Everyone has been to a sports game where the fans around you are alwaysssss complaining. Whether it’s about a bad call, a player’s mistake, or warm beer, football fans seem to complain a lot. But which NFL team has the fans that complain the MOST? Mibets conducted this survey to see.

Their survey also specifies the top annoying habit for each NFL team’s fans. See where Carolina Panthers fans land in the Top 10…

Source: Mibets

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  • 10. Atlanta Falcons - Complaining About Old Losses

    Atlanta Falcons

  • 9. New York Giants - Using Victim Mentality

    New York Giants

  • 8. Arizona Cardinals - Using Victim Mentality

    Arizona Cardinals

  • 7. New York Jets - Complaining on Social Media

    New York Jets

  • 6. Carolina Panthers - Complaining on Social Media

    Carolina Panthers

  • 5. Philadelphia Eagles -

    Philadelphia Eagles

  • 4. Chicago Bears -

    Chicago Bears

  • 3. Buffalo Bills - Complaining on Social Media

    Buffalo Bills

  • 2. New England Patriots - Using Victim Mentality

    New England Patriots

  • And the #1 is Dallas Cowboys Fans - Using Victim Mentality

    Dallas Cowboys

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